”I have learned that music can be more than just sound. For me, it provides the ability to build a positive connection with my surroundings, ideally dancing together.”

Juan Pablo Rebaudi a.k.a DOKO

…comes originally from Buenos Aires. There, he first tuned his ears to the frequencies of electronic music. The energy of the vast city’s sound and versatility of its streets can be heard in his sets today. The DJing excursions of DOKO range from tech-house, to techno and glitch, always with a progressive thrust as a foundation.
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„It is my deepest conviction that in desire resides an enormous inherent creative power.“

Vicious, excessive and lustful are the descriptions that spring to mind with the name “Hedo”. In his DJ sets, HEDO VICIOSO expresses and follows this lifestyle of enjoyment and the pursuit of pleasure. Even without flattery, the sound which arises from his appetites can be described as pure sonic dopamine. Hedos‘ musical cradle stood in Berlin’s KitKatClub. Techno and Tech-house parties have always been his pulse. His DJ career began in mid-2006 in the classic format of vinyl, adding a laptop and controller setup to his repertoire in 2011.
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„For us, music has a great importance. It is an elixir and our companion for many different tangle moments, but also at the same time for our soul. It remains in our memory, collected, stacked, and ready to be shared.“

MONGOOSE & MEEHAL flood the dancefloor with a crackling, driving mixture of psytrance-oriented elements and a progressive structure. The sophisticated DJ sets of this Leipzig duo are the fruits of countless fun-charged hours behind the DJ Booth. Since 2011, they are also known for their live act Psychophysical Transcripts, and sprinkle their own studio flavor on each and every DJ set.
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Psychophysical Transcripts



alongside AodioiboA and vIdhrabindu is Waterling, another sound project from Andreas Oehl. Waterling’s sound is one part honey for the soul, and another part sonic refreshment, taking a detour into a more downbeat territory than the usual psychedelic fare of his other live projects. Already with one full album titled „sub“ released on Oehl’s own label littleBIGsensations, Waterling’s sound both relaxes and delights the listener, a perfect auditory excursion for the eager listener.

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Leipzig | Germany

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