flood the dancefloor with a crackling, driving mixture of psytrance-oriented elements and a progressive structure. The sophisticated sound experiments of this Leipzig-based duo are the fruits of countless fun-filled hours in the sound studio. Long known behind the turntables as the duo Mongoose & Meehal, they embarked on the live project Psychophysical Transcripts in 2011 with the intention of creating intoxicating sound journeys. Their live sets are characterized by an exciting, twisting sound. From drivingly deep to playful progressive, then adding a touch of twirling rhythms and punchy psychedelic – this medley of sounds harmoniously urges the dancefloor forwards and upwards. Their performances behind the decks are equally euphoric as they celebrate with their dance-charged audience.

The renowned label Ovnimoon Records transports the releases of this duo directly into the playlists of DJs across the globe. In early-2014, Psychophysical Transcripts will open their repository of new sounds to release their debut album – an exquisitely bass-driven ounce of shared memories on the dancefloor. From tough and crunchy to floaty and atmospheric, the sound is always a digitally-bundled expression of the passion of dance.

„For us, music has a great importance. It is an elixir and our companion for many different tangle moments, but also at the same time for our soul. It remains in our memory, collected, stacked, and ready to be shared.“

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  • SONORIC DEPTH | at Feeling‐Compilation ( ovnimoon records | goa records )
  • TEMPORALISING SPACE EP ( ovnimoon records | geomagnetic records | goa records )

Gigs :Psychophysical Transcripts

* FUSION FESTIVAL 2013 (Lärz | Germany )
* PASTAFARIX 2013 (Chotevice, Trutnov, Czech Republic)
* ZWISCHENWELTEN 2012 | 2013 (Leipzig | Germany)
* PLAGBEATZ WESTIVAL 2012 | 2013 (Leipzig | Germany)
* WE ARE ONE FESTIVAL 2011 (Berlin |Germany)


Leipzig | Germany
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