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„It is my deepest conviction that in desire resides an enormous inherent creative power.“

Vicious, excessive and lustful are the descriptions that spring to mind with the name “Hedo”. In his DJ sets, HEDO VICIOSO expresses and follows this lifestyle of enjoyment and the pursuit of pleasure. Even without flattery, the sound which arises from his appetites can be described as pure sonic dopamine.
Hedos‘ musical cradle stood in Berlin’s KitKatClub. Techno and Tech-house parties have always been his pulse. His DJ career began in mid-2006 in the classic format of vinyl, adding a laptop and controller setup to his repertoire in 2011. While other DJs search for that bass-heavy kick, Hedo’s energy blows through his use of the mid- and high-tones as well as driving beats and harmonic powerfull sounds with the sun in the zenit into the dancing fields .

Techno, underground house, tech-house and progressive – which can combine together in a beautifully filthy concoction – are the catalysts for a flow in which everything becomes self-evident and all of our primal instincts illuminate their positive virtues.

He has presented his sound through scores of bookings, and still always remains a certainty for passionate, excessive celebrations. Since 2010, he has organized his party series “Wilde Orchideen” in Leipzig, where he also resides as a musical contributor.

A techno-progressive flooded night on the dancefloor with Hedo Vicioso means, above all else, an audience with a jubilant mood that is ready to dance. An ocean of pleasant melodies – a neverending celebration of happy moments.

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KitKatClub, Berlin | FateClub, Berlin | Maedcheninternat, Berlin | Distillery, Leipzig | Duke, Leipzig | Sweat-Club, Leipzig | Alte Damenhandschuhfabrik, Leipzig | Elipamanoke, Leipzig | Velve, Leipzig | Energy Clubzone, Leipzig | RedClub, Cottbus | Lola Club, Cottbus | Edelweiß, Cottbus | Saitensprung Cottbus | Lehmanns, Stuttgart | AbFab-Club, London | …sowie auf spezielleren hedonistischen Dance-Events bzw. Fetishpartys in Köln, Berlin, Leipzig, Barcelona, Stuttgart, Dresden, Schloss Milkersdorf, Hamburg und auf Lanzarote

HEDO VICIOSO, DJ, Techno, Tech-House, Progressive


Leipzig | Germany

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