is one of the few female artists in the psychedelic trance scene. With her experimental live set, she kicks a driving, tingly sound straight to the dancefloor.

Taking her first dip into the world of musical production just over four years ago, she has quickly cut loose with her own productions and unique style, as can be heard in her constantly-evolving skills and knowledge in the studio. She thrills her audience with a constantly growing repertoire of excellent sounds in her live set. Her crackling sound candies have been released on several different compilations on labels such as Mind Expansion Music, Purple Hexagon Records and Lonlyplanet Records – Japan.

Currently, she is putting the final screws in her debut album, which will be jettisoning into the global sound orbit in 2014. A small preview of what’s to come can of course be heard in her live gigs – so just get her to your dancefloor!


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Records :

2010: V.A. – Latency fiber / LonelyPlanet records Japan
Kya – Ghost Kiss

2011: V.A. – Gaggalacka: One Freaky Decade/ Mind Expansion Music
Kya – Kar Rahe Ho

2012: V.A. – Gaggalacka – A Psychedelic Playground/ Purple Hexagon Records
Kya – Krawallah

V.A. – Tropical Visions/ Purple Hexagon Records
Kya – Bruni Bumelante

2013: V.A. – Beauty & Venus/ Lonelyplanet Records-Japan
Kya – The Devils Melody
Kya – Feeding the Beast

Gigs :kya - Psytrance liveacts

  • TRANCE CONSPIRACY (Germany | 2008)
  • REBIRTH (Romania | 2009- 2011)
  • RHAKTI DEI FESTIVAL (Belgium | 2012)
  • TRIBES GATHERING (Belgium | 2011)
  • FANTASY FARM (Germany | 2011)
  • GAGGALACKA (Germany | 2012 )
  • WAHA FESTIVAL (Romania | 2012 + 2013)


Leipzig | Germany

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