„…magical and uniquely-charming decorations, installations from steel and light, two- and three-dimensional objects…“

are a team of innovative decoration artists from Leipzig, who have, for more than 15 years, created and manufactured diverse art installations and unique event decorations. Above all else, they specialize in sculptures and installations forged from steel and light, as well as two- and three-dimensional objects and decorations. Their creed is to implement the original dreams and fantasies of their clients in real-life materials. Through their vast experience working with all different types of materials, the Cosmicwalkers can today offer a wide repertoire – magical, unique and enchanting decorations for nearly every type of event and occasion.

Their scope is unlimited. Whether it be daring chartered projects, corporate installations or the decoration of countless festivals and events across the world – from Stockholm and Ankara to Mexico City and Idanha a Nova – their work and creative impulse is guided by their inspiration, passion and love of intercultural exchange. Through this strategy, they have developed countless exciting projects in recent years. A small selection of their previous projects can be found here. Each project was a journey in itself. COSMICWALKERS are looking forward to everything that awaits in the future.

Festival‐Projekte 1995‐2013:

Boom Festival, Portugal | Hadra Festival, France | Ozora Festival, Hungary | Fusion
Festival, Germany | Vuuv Festival, Germany | Kaballah Tour, Brazil | Fullmoon
Festival, Germany | Indian Spirit Festival, Germany | Freedom Festival, Portugal |
Tribal Vision Label Party, Mexico | Carnival Tranceformation Festival, Brazil |
Sonicmotion Parties, France | Transylvania Calling, Romania | Raveline Magazine
10th anniversary, Germany | Givem A House, Germany | Hallucination, Germany |
Plagbeatz Westival, Germany | and many many more…

We work with:

  • Illuminated 3D objects and sculptures of different materials and sizes
  • Light sculptures and objects
  • Psychedelic constructions and installations
  • Fluodelic backdrops (also two-sided)
  • Symmetric and neon-chaotic string art
  • Video and slide projections
  • …and of course your wishes?

Together with our booking agent LUMGRA BOOKINGS, we can organize and optimize the decoration, light, sound and catering for a complete event, stage or dancefloor. We look forward to your requests!


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Booking requests:

Please send your booking requests along with basic information (place, date and type of event or project) to LUMAGRA BOOKINGS [ ]. We will get in touch with you immediately to see how we can bring your project to life.